The 2020 VIP Review


In conjunction with Parmenion, ValidPath is holding its annual Investment Proposition Review on Tuesday 28th January 2020, from 11.00am to 2.00pm.  This will be our ninth such comprehensive annual review, since launching the VIP in Spring 2011.  As at December 2019, there's more than £146m invested via our proposition, and a total of 33 Member Firms have made use of this remarkably efficient way of deploying investment solutions.

In attendance from Parmenion will be:  Andrew Gilbert, Jasper Thornton-Boelman and Peter Dalgleish.

Representing ValidPath will be:  Richard Phillips, Nicola Butterworth and Kevin Moss.

And you are very welcome to join us too!  Space is limited, but key advisers who are engaged with the whole CIP 'thing' may find this exercise of considerable value.  We do not tend to reinvent any wheels at these events, but the focus is on keeping our presuppositions and disciplines under critical review.

The venue is Parmenion's offices:  Aurora, Counterslip, Bristol BS1 6BX.

Further detail

  1. To review the short, medium and long-term behaviour of all eleven risk grades;
  2. To review Parmenion's latest analysis, and validate that alongside what we know of the relevant markets;
  3. To seek to confirm that the VIP remains fit for purpose and true to its underlying objectives;
  4. To address any key logistical issues (sector weightings, efficiency, reducing costs etc);
  5. To discuss and address any questions or concerns arising, certainly in respect of potential or actual changes.
  6. To highlight any technological developments which may be of relevance to advisers (eg. MiFID II reporting).
  • 10.30 - arrive
  • 11.00 - commencement
  • 14.00 - draw to a close
This event is not CPD-able.
  • No charge for the day (but, alas, you'll have to get there)
  • Details of nearby parking available from Parmenion (but see map below)
  • A light working lunch will be provided for those who book to come

You need to let us know if you're planning to come...

Email Address:
Kevin Moss, 03/01/2020