DBTV RoundTable 


If you are involved in carrying out analysis for Defined Benefits Transfer Advice, or if you are a part of the overall advisory puzzle, delivering outcomes that relate to final salary schemes, then please block this date out in your diary.  A full agenda will be published shortly, but in the meantime...

Date 9th November 2018
Venue The offices of Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) at 20 Triton Street, Regent's Place, London NW13BF
Nature of Event Roundtable, collaborative
Timings 9.30am - arrival + coffee
10.00am - commencement
12.30pm - (cold) buffet lunch
1.30pm - afternoon session
3.00-3.30pm - finish
It's relevant for...
  • Those who currently function as a PTS
  • Those who might be aspiring to operate as a PTS
  • Those who actively collaborate with a PTS, and want to improve their understanding of the advice process, post-October 1st
Additional contributions
  • Representatives of CashCalc will be helping ValidPath Members get to grips with their new systems
  • DFA are going to provide some technical input in relation to their World Allocation Funds.


Short-term follow-up

We enjoyed a constructive, interactive and information-rich day.  There are a number of actions and updates which will flow out of this, but in the short term, we wanted to make available to Members the following items:

  1. Notes of the event (Word format)
  2. Triage template document (Word format) for Members who handle DBTV analysis in-house
  3. Triage template document (Word format) for Members who outsource the DBTV analysis to a PTS within ValidPath
The items can be downloaded from the following list: