2018 Christmas Break 


Each year, we do our best to plan such essentials as office closure over the Christmas period, so as to minimise interruptions of service.  This year is no different, so here is our planned approach:

Final commission run of 2018 Thursday 20th December
Office closure from Close of business 20th December
Office reopens from 9.00am Wednesday 2nd January 2019
First commission run of 2019 Thursday 3rd January 2019
Supplementary commission run Monday  7th January 2019

As usual, because of the timing of the holiday, and its interaction with our normal weekly process, Members should ensure that all required/expected items are reconciled by Wednesday 19th December.  We won't have an opportunity for any after-the-event adjustments!

Merry Christmas to all Members and Colleagues!


The ValidPath Team, 23/11/2018