2016 - the year ahead 

Christmas is a great time to just veg out, let off steam, and relax with the family.

But there's also that slight tension in the back of your mind - January 1st is looming (or, pragmatically, the 4th), and there's a new year of commercial activity, and business management, and profit and loss to be thinking about.  You don't want to not be thinking about these things, but then again you don't especially want to get bogged down in some kind of stressful planning session.

Help is on the way!   We've put together a short booklet which takes a very general look at several issues that may well impact upon your success in 2016.

A paper copy is on its way to you in booklet format, but in the meantime you can download the straight text version by clicking on the link below.

Merry Christmas!

2016 - The Year Ahead

Kevin Moss, 23/12/2015