Event-Planning for 2015 

At ValidPath, we try to plan workshops and training events which are most likely to be of help to our Members.  We try to balance practical business support with good quality technical content, and we thought it may be helpful  to sketch out our plans for the year ahead out...

Provisional Date Event & Content Outline
4th February Pensions Surgery - Bring Your Friend
This event, hosted by Vestra Wealth, in their London office, is focused on helping you to build your accountancy connections.  It's a morning event with a maximum of 18 spaces, focused on the detail of the Pensions Reforms.  Each IFA delegate should bring their favourite Accountancy Introducer with them.
3rd/4th March Quarterly CPD Event: Pension Special
Pension reforms in detail and other related pensions topics, including SIPPs/SSASs, business planning, group SIPPs in family planning, and an update on AE.  East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham.
15th April Masterclass
The Adviser Proposition: how to design something the clients want, and something they will value - and how to market it successfully!!  The venue is the offices of Santander Asset Management, in London.
3rd/4th June Quarterly CPD Event: Investment Special
An Independent adviser's guide to product types, technical background and application: Structured Products, ETFs, smart-beta investing, Multi-Manager, DFM solutions, the role of rebalancing, model portfolios.  The venue is Gorse Hill (DeVere Venues) in Woking.   PLEASE NOTE THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED.
15th July Masterclass
Portfolio construction techniques; mathematics for financial planners - including volatility calculations, standard deviations, efficient frontier, financial analysis ratios - what they are, how to interpret them, fund selection, monitoring, screening, tools, processes procedures, risk, stochastic modeling.  Wow, just wow!  The venue is Parmenion's offices in Bristol.
9th/10th September Quarterly CPD Event:  Elder Client Advice
Wills & Estate Planning Issues, Equity Release, Long Term Care issues, Inheritance Tax planning post-pension reform, the new intestacy rules
To be re-arranged!
13th October Masterclass
Building profitability - fees, fee-charging, methods and management, pricing your service to ensure business sustainability and client satisfaction!

To be re-arranged!
1st/2nd December Quarterly CPD Event:  Platforms & Their Use
Rebalancing, model portfolios, adviser-charging, annual reviews, portfolio tools, due diligence, suitability and independence

Masterclass events are free to ValidPartner Members, but are charged at £60pp for Core Service users.

Kevin Moss, 13/11/2014