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Most small IFA firms reviewed their advice proposition pre-RDR to focus on delivering high quality and frequent touch services to wealthy private clients.  Many have therefore concluded that they are not interested in providing low touch, low cost services to corporate clients.
But many clients are also business owners, and they will be either your clients, or clients of your accountancy firms.  If you are part of an accountancy firm then simply rejecting the enquiries may not be an option. 

Many clients will receive information regarding joining an auto-enrolment scheme, and some of them, especially those with part-time work, who are already retired, or working for lower salaries as they have existing wealth, will want advice, and may need a new IFA! 

Not being involved in some way is simply impossible.  But how can you get involved in this market, advising clients or companies, efficiently and profitably??    

This event will focus on the technical background to auto-enrolment and the options available to your clients.  It will also consider the requirements placed on employers, the vast majority of whom research says will be expecting their accountants to advise them on AE compliance (which most will not be able to do without referring the enquiries to IFA firms).   

Our speakers will also consider the advice process, from enquiry through fact-finding to due diligence, recommendations and implementation. 

We will also look at some of the new providers in the market place, what they have to offer, especially to the smaller firms with lower paid staff who are not eligible for traditional personal pension provider solutions.  And finally we will look at marketing : how to create a profitable proposition and engage effectively with firms and the individuals who own them or work in them. 

Whether you are already committed to the auto-enrolment market, or are still undecided about how (or whether!) to approach this opportunity this event will offer something of value.


Here's the detail:



Thursday 3rd July


The St. John's Hotel, Warwick Road, Solihull, West Midlands, B91 1AT


An interactive workshop focusing on the whole Auto-Enrolment piece, but aimed entirely at IFAs


We've got speakers from DeFaqto, Scottish Life, NEST, People's Pension, and we're hoping you'll be there too!

How much?

If you're coming for the day - it's free to attend.

If you want to come up the previous night (the 2nd July), stay for dinner, sleep soundly in a comfy bed, and enjoy a relaxed breakfast before it all kicks off - then the cost is £100pp


There's a whole bundle of benefits for those who attend:  Structured CPD; Market Awareness; Develop your proposition; Compliance guidance; Marketing; Idea exchange and networking.t ValidPath, we get twitchy with excitement about events like this, and we hope that you'll immediately grab your diary and pencil the date in...straight away.

And we also hope that you'll be equally quick to register your intent to attend.  Even if you plan to stay the night, there's no charge up front - ValidPath settle up with the hotel and can (if you wish) put through an adjustment on a later commission run.  Please bear in mind that ValidPath effectively underwrite the booking of the venue.


Clarke Gable could never have made Gone With the Wind all on his own.  Oh no.  Without Vivienne Leigh the magic would have been entirely lacking.  And so it is with auto-enrolment advice:  IFAs need good working relations with Accountants and Payroll Bureaux to make the whole thing epic.  Why not invite your Best (Accountancy) Friend for just £49.95 (day delegate rate)?  There's a box to tick below.

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Kevin Moss, 05/06/2014