Reasons to be grumpy

I keep telling myself that it's just a difficult phase that I'm going through.  Or that I'm fine, and it's just everybody else's fault.  Or that I've got my dad's genes...

Either way, there's no avoiding the fact: I am becoming more grumpy.

The other day, as I made my way, grumpily, home, I found myself thinking of the causes of grump, some of which I list here in case you find yourself on a similar journey:
  • pedestrians who don't look where they are going, usually because they are plugged into a smartphone, and just expect you to get out of the way;
  • complete strangers, usually young men, who call me "mate";
  • unsolicited text messages telling me that I have exactly £2,612.84 in unclaimed compensation awaiting me;
  • incoming sales calls, where the rep opens the conversation with the word "Right...";
  • product-providers which develop procedures without even a token nod in the direction of TCF, and then bury you in their complaints process the moment you voice even a suggestion of dissatisfaction;
  • apologies which begin with the phrase "I'm sorry if you felt that I...";
  • the pathological misuse of apostrophe's;
  • local councils spending taxpayers' monies, and also colossal periods of time, on the construction of 'traffic calming measures', when longstanding potholes remain, sprinkled like confetti along our main roads;
  • the fact that the FOS is not required to follow either the law or the FCA's rules in arriving at its verdicts, proceeding instead on the basis of what is "fair and reasonable" (to the FOS);
  • that it requires only the briefest cessation in the eternal downpour that now characterises some 95% of British Climate, in order for the nextdoor neighbour to fill the evening air with the most pungent BarBQ fumes imaginable;
  • the fanciful application of statistics;
  • middle-management in the NHS;
  • the pointless hyperlinks built into the FCA's compliance systems;
  • call-centres of any description, especially those within financial services, which have been laboriously constructed, from the ground up, with the specific purpose of preventing enquiries from being addressed to an informed company representative;
and, last but not least,
  • Jedward.  What, on earth, is the point?
Kevin Moss, 31/05/2013