Independent advisers Welcome!

The news that most networks plan to make only Restricted advice available through their Appointed Representatives, and worrying financial results from other networks, tend to shock the whole IFA community and have a huge impact on advisers committed to offering Independent advice to their clients.  

At ValidPath we are sometimes in competition for new joiners with these firms, and lose out, not due to cost (where we are frequently less expensive) but because we were perceived to be too small.  Larger firms used to provide reassurance to the advisers concerned  both financially and in terms of allowing them to operate operate their preferred proposition.  Advisers will be less reassured now.    

ValidPath is a Network, and we're open for business for firms that really do want to stay independent in a post-RDR World.  Here's a few reasons why you might wish to consider us:

  • We are able to process new applicants rapidly - if you express an interest in joining us, we'll send you our leaflet summarising our requirements and, with the FCA operating efficiently, under normal circumstances we would aim to have you up and running in around 28 working days, although their approval process might therefore take longer and an official timescale of up to 3 months is usually quoted;
  • Our charges are modest - we've continuously worked to drive down our costs to help our Members deliver their services profitably;
  • Our charges are accountable - we issue an explicit, transparent illustration of costs for each serious enquiry, customised to the setup of each firm;
  • Our charges are VAT-friendly;
  • We're independent - and committed to independence as a fundamental principle of what we're about - whatever the other professional bodies and other networks might say or do!
  • We're still here - over nearly 15 years of operating, we are still working carefully and responsibly with our Members, whereas during that same time many big names have gone to the wall, or been swallowed up by larger entities;
  • We've got a really great, shared I.T. platform that all our Members hook into - it covers all the critical functions of IFA business management, you can use it anywhere there's a broadband connection, and it is extremely inexpensive;
  • All the de-minimus kit which we supply to every Member Firm is best of breed, and is all included within our overall charge;
  • We've got a comprehensive compliance framework called The Best Practice Platform,  available in bite-size chunks on our website;
  • We send out a monthly PracticeBuilder newsletter sharing insights into developing better, more sustainable, more compliant financial-planning businesses;
  • We operate a weekly commission run, and our team are brilliant at reconciling incoming commissions to your account;
  • We are continually developing new resources to help you operate more efficiently and profitably, for example the ValidPath Investment Proposition (VIP) (launched in 2011 and reviewed every year) which gives our members access to some of the lowest-cost range of risk-graded model portfolios in the UK, all within one seamless, easy-to-use framework, whilst still allowing each firm to develop its own proposition if you wish;
  • Yes, we are small, but we'd like to think perfectly formed.  In our ethos and financial management, we work hard to implement the principles of E. F. Schumacher, the great economist.


Who do we want as Members?

  • Firms committed to independent advice, and financial-planning;
  • Firms which are actively working with professional introducers, such as accountants and solicitors; and
  • Firms which share our ethical and professional culture and practices. 

If this sounds like the sort of network you would like to be part of, then call us on 02920 494495 or complete the enquiry form by clicking here.

Please download our summary of requirements for new joiners by clicking here.