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lightbulbidea1 Strawberries & cream.  Bacon & eggs.  Cagney & Lacey...Accountants and IFAs.

A consistent focus now for over 10 years.  Why shouldn't we aim for the best possible financial outcomes for our clients, by linking up  tax-planning and financial planning disciplines?
lightbulbidea1 Clients don't care about compliance.  They care about results.  So why should IFAs make 'compliance' the biggest driver of what they do?

The idea seemed crazy to us, too.  So we built automatic compliance frameworks into Clarity, our practice-management system.
lightbulbidea1 What does your client pay you to do?  To sit behind your computer, reinventing the wheel for every piece of investment work?

Probably not.  So, we developed the ValidPath Investment Proposition, to free up your time for client contact.
lightbulbidea1 Last-minute change is never a good idea.  So why did so many IFA networks hold onto the old commission model right up until 31st December 2012?

It didn't make sense  to us either.  At ValidPath, we spent two years working on our systems to ensure that, when the RDR implemented, we'd all be ready On time.
lightbulbidea1 And here's the best one of the lot:  if your emphasis is on financial-planning, and wealth-management, if you genuinely want to develop a fee-based practice delivering Independent advice to your clients, and if you see a profitable future beyond 2013, why not join us?