Maximising profit

The place of profit within the financial services marketplace is coming under the microscope again.  Partly, this is due to the sheer unsustainability of much of what goes on.  Partly, it's because of where profits end up going to.  And partly, it's because many intermediary terms operate in a hand-to-mouth manner which does not allow for the accumulation of adequate reserves.

At ValidPath, we believe that it's all connected.  Our inexpensive, fully-functional practice-management system minimises your operational overheads.  Then, it enables you to easily streamline your processes and manage your workload efficiently - leading to faster completion of enquiries.  The client & prospect data already entered then helps support your ongoing marketing and client-contact.  The EDI commission feeds linked to your clients' policies means that you are ready for RDR Adviser Charging and accounting to your client for your revenues.  

In addition, our internal development of one of the UK's lowest-cost model portfolio investment solutions provides you with access to immediate results for your clients - and the highly competitive charging structure allows for the adviser or firm to take a higher annual fee without adversely affecting the client.  This turns your ongoing servicing activities into a profit-centre and reduces your reliance upon initial fees.

Finally, ValidPath's own very reasonable charges coupled with a fully-accountable review process means that you are not paying more for network membership than needs to be the case.  By way of comparison with a directly-regulated IFA firm, we usually find that once you have factored in an overhead for compliance and PII, there is little cost differential involved - the direct authorisation route no longer makes commercial sense.

For you and your firm to be profitable, all the other components need to be lean and efficient.  At ValidPath, we've worked extremely hard to ensure that this is the case.