Why accountants?

When regulation commenced in the late 1980's, accountants and tax professionals exited the financial-planning market in droves, very often relying on referral relationships instead.

Why do we believe that things have now come full-circle, so that accountants and tax professionals are the natural source of financial planning advice?

  • The rest of the financial services market has been in some disarray for quite a while - various regulatory reviews, the shrinking professional indemnity insurance market, market crises, to name but a few causes
  • A lack of public confidence, coupled with shrinkage of the availability of genuinely independent advice, means that there are few places where accountants can operate profitably and retain control of the client relationship
  • As 'type one' (compliance-based) services within the accountancy sector become increasingly commoditised, there is a pressing need for professional firms to offer 'type two' (value-added) strategic services to replace them - financial planning is a key example
  • Financial planning is an area which links naturally to other services - to tax-planning, to business exit-planning, to strategic planning etc
  • Accountants and tax professionals tend to be careful, methodical individuals with a healthy respect for compliance issues - this is a natural fit with good-quality financial planning

We believe that accountants are ideally placed to capitalise on this market - either by acquiring the relevant qualifications and skills themselves, or by recruiting a suitable IFA to run things in-house.  Either way, we believe that we have a great deal to offer you.

Our presentation 'Why Financial Services' summarises the arguments in favour of offering financial services advice to your accountancy clients.

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