Building something that lasts...

Its all joined up

It has long been our contention that much of our financial services industry in the UK is simply unsustainable.  

The way in which the RDR Discussion was conducted in the financial media underlined our belief:  the trend towards a restricted advice model demonstrated by many of the larger players proves beyond much doubt that (a) these firms' historic models were never going to survive post-RDR and (b) their primary commitment is to themselves, not their clients.

The RDR provided us with the perfect opportunity to build financial-planning and wealth-management propositions that (a) are sustainable and (b) deliver better (or even, the best) outcomes for our clients.  We simply do not buy the notion that the two objectives may not be achieved together.  We do not, for example, accept the spurious contention that the delivery of genuinely independent advice no longer makes economic sense.  It only fails to make sense for those firms which were only playing at independence pre-RDR, or which have bloated, monolithic bureaucracies which pile costs upon costs within the chain of intermediation.

At ValidPath, we've always been focused on a sustainable business model, which in practice means features such as:

  • explicable, transparent costs
  • minimal or no cross-subsidies
  • hard work on risk-management
  • a fully-independent advice proposition (no ifs, no buts)
  • future-proof systems
  • investment in Members' practice-development
  • 100% client-oriented solutions
  • working collaboratively together (sharing resources, ideas, services)

And now, why not join us and be part of something that has lasted?