There's a better way.  Really.

Since 2004, ValidPath has been actively developing a better way of delivering financial solutions to retail clients:
  • Independent:  Not 'pretend independent' like the old networks.  Properly, really, independent.  The kind of independence which frees financial planners up from unnecessary constraints and allows you to focus on delivering the best possible solutions for your clients.
  • Ethical:  Not 'Ethics CPD' type ethical, but actually, substantively, ethical.
  • Outcomes-focused:  Primarily those that pertain to the client's personal wealth.  And good outcomes, not ambiguous, grey or dubious ones.
  • Value-added:  Providing our Members with demonstrably excellent, tried-and-tested solutions that make their lives a whole lot easier.
  • Joined-Up:  Through use of best-of breed solutions that benefit the whole community of ValidPath Members, whilst staying well clear of conflicts of interest.
  • Collegiate:  Fostering a culture of profitable, two-way collaboration between professionals - and encouraging Members to influence the direction of their own Network.
We had genuinely hoped that the implementation of the Retail Distribution Review would result in a better deal for clients, and improved status for Independent financial advisers.  We're still not sure that this will be the outcome, but the incessant trend towards the Restricted Advice model has confirmed to us that the majority of large network intermediation is motivated primarily by its own interests, not the client's - or, for that matter, the interests of principled independent practitioners.

If you'd like to work with us, in becoming part of a better way, then you'll need to to have available to you a number of key documents, which you'll be able to download from the folliowing table.  'Reflections_2018' is the latest version of our key proposition document, and the other files are the resources referred to in the Appendix at the rear.  This gives you everything you need to take things a step further, should you wish to:

You can read more about the process of joining ValidPath on this page.

If you agree with us that this is indeed a better way, contact us to discuss your options in more detail and arrange a meeting.