How to start a profitable IFA practice

There's a good reason why, at ValidPath, our strapline is "Your best route to a thriving practice".

Over the years, we've analysed so many good and bad examples, that we have a very clear idea of what works - and what doesn't.  So it wasn't a surprise when, back in 2007, we were asked to write a book on the subject.  Since then, we have distributed many physical and digital copies. 

We have now completely re-written this resource in order to reflect the many changes that have been occurring within the financial services sector. In the electronic (PDF) version, there's loads of new hyperlinks to useful web-resources.  We find that firms and individuals coming from a wide variety of backgrounds
talk to us about authorisation, so in this resource  we tackle the more general issues.  We have some other, more specific resources available which may be helpful, after looking at this booklet:
  • "Time to take the plunge?" - an introduction to ValidPath's way of 'doing Network', and a summary of our requirements.  This is a physical book that we mail out.
  • "Life Is Short" - the 'one page business plan' from ValidPath, which aims to help practitioners cut to the chase in designing their business model.  Again, this is a hard copy that we can mail out.
It's entirely free, and for individuals or firms considering setting up their own IFA practice, this will be a really useful starting point.  If you'd like a copy, please click here and just ask for it!

Please note that you can learn more about the new regulatory framework governing practitioners by clicking here.