What makes ValidPath different?

You can access a series of Factsheets here, which will - hopefully - give you a sense of what marks ValidPath out from the kinds of financial services Networks that you may be more familiar with.  Here, briefly, is a very quick overview of those qualities that we believe make the biggest difference for our Members:


ValidPath self-identify as Independent Financial Advisers.  We always have, and we always will - which means that our Members are not limited in their selection of solutions, and their clients are not shoe-horned into arrangements which are second-best, at best.


ValidPath have no conflicts of interest.  No skewing of independency by big-name shareholders; no sneaky deals done in smoke-filled rooms; no bribes from product-providers which we hope the FCA won't spot.


A clear, de-minimus IFA infrastructure with all external systems carefully sourced for our Members on the open-market, and charged either at cost, or subsidised to avoid any barriers to access.


No initial joining fee for new Members!


A proportionate, turnover-related charging structure (in line with the FCA's approach) which is reviewed annually to ensure that we charge no more than necessary.


An internal Central Investment Proposition which is (a) inexpensive, (b) efficient, (c) fully-documented and (d) reviewed annually.


An extraordinarily high level of interest in your success, plus a 'can-do' attitude towards supporting your business development.


A process of continual development aimed at supporting you in delivering only the best outcomes for your clients.