About Us

There are a number of choices out there if you are considering joining a Network, rather than going directly-authorised.  If you exclude the restricted advice offerings, because you recognise the real, transformational value of independent advice, you have relatively few to choose from.  ValidPath would be in your shortlist, so here's a quick summary of what we're about.


ValidPath Limited was established in 2002.


We are based in Cardiff, South Wales - but our Members are spread all over the UK.


We're a regulated financial services Network specialising in independent financial advice, and with a strong culture of financial-planning.


We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rimbal Networks Limited, and our directors are Angus MacNee, John Paterson and Kevin Moss.


Over the last sixteen years, we have managed to hone a robust, cost-effective Network proposition for our Members through a combination of (a) great technology, (b) a strong relational ethos and (c) a highly collaborative working model.

In the pick list below, you can access three key documents.  The booklet 'Reflections' tells you a bit about our culture and approach, but if you're thinking of joining us, you'll need the other two items as well.